Features Needed for Teams of Shoppers

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Toni Barnes

Looking good guys! This could be a kick-butt scanning app. Just a few things needed for teams of shoppers:

1. in-stock variations summation
2. accept/reject rules for ROI, Profit, rank, # of sellers, # of variations
3. unlimited employee access
4. access to buy lists online sorted by shopper, supplier, and date
5. Average ranking by 30/180/365 days
6. 1 search box instead of 3
7. easy use with a scanner


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Hello Toni,

Regarding your request number (2), ScanEZ already has 1 feature called "Alert Settings" even though it does not have all the criteria you listed above. You can take a look and let me know your feedback.



Hello Toni,

1) in-stock variations summation: we will investigate if it's doable on Mobile app.

2) accept/ reject rules for ROI, Profit, Rank, # of sellers, # of variations: what do you mean by this? would you please give me more details?

3) By default, you have 1 main account + 2 sub-accounts that can access AZInsight extension & ScanEZ Mobile app if you subscribe to AZInsight Pro plan. If you wish to have more access for your VAs, you can subscribe to Additional Login Licenses which is available on app.asinzen.com/ -> AZInsight Pro -> Paid Plugins

4) OK

5) We've already implemented the Historical Data (which is data from Keepa similar to AZInsight extension). You can access it by clicking on the icon History next to Graph icon. The Graph icon is ZenGraph.

6) We made 3 separated search boxes for different purposes:
- ASIN: enter correct ASIN, we don't need to call MWS API
- Title: character keyboard, call MWS API to return data
- UPC: number keyboard, call MWS API to return data
Do you think it's ok to do so?

7) OK, we will see how to do it

Thank you!